3 Reasons Why Finding a Job is So Hard

There is never a good time to lose a job and have to seek out a new one. No matter when it occurs it can be incredibly stressful and even depressing for you as you have to go through the process of getting your resume together, checking out references, working through your network and applying for various jobs that you may find. For many people today, however, it seems a particularly difficult time to find a new job. Naturally, the current state of the economy has a lot to do with that and has a grave impact on the job situation for millions of people. However, there are a number of reasons finding a job is so hard today.

  1. More Resumes are Out There – It only makes sense that with so many more people out of a job and looking for work that there will be more resumes sent in for nearly every position that comes available. Even those who have highly specialized skills in certain industries can find themselves competing with dozens or even hundreds of other applicants sending in their resumes. This makes it harder for hiring managers to go through all of the resumes that they receive and makes ti even more likely that a quality resume like yours is going to get lost in the shuffle sometimes with certain companies. You are likely to get many fewer responses when you send out a resume because of this.
  2. Internal Hiring – For many companies, this has become the preferred alternative when it comes to filling an open position within the company itself. While a job may get posted and advertised, many times management, hiring managers or other personnel have already targeted an employee who is already with the company as the ideal candidate for the open position. It is more of a legal formality that they have to post the job and accept resumes for it even though they already know who they want to give the job to. This can make it even more frustrating and difficult for you when you apply for a job you might better suited for but there is already another candidate in house.
  3. Hiring Firms – Many companies today get so many resumes for a position that they just do not have time to go through and find the best candidate. For this reason they have turned over hiring and going through resumes to an outside company who will weed through the resumes and only choose a few candidates. Many of these firms will eliminate potential candidates with little or no reason, making your chances of being chosen for an interview even less.

Even though the process has changed somewhat and can be more challenging, that should not keep you from persevering and moving forward with your job search. Be resilient and keep plugging away, making connections and sending your resume out to as many jobs that fit you as you can and eventually you will hit upon the right one for you with success.